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Dive, Dive, Dive! With The AAA Perfect Fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Watches (Titanium And O-Megasteel)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to wear dive Swiss made replica watches rated to roughly 10 times the operational maximum depth of a Seawolf-Class submarine? Even if you haven’t, Omega’s got you covered.

Last week we introduced the brand’s latest flagship dive watch, the 1:1 US fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep watches – a production dive watch that’s offered in steel or titanium, and that’s rated for an unbelievable water-resistance of 6,000 meters (nearly 20,000 feet!).

The specs and images left me with many questions. How does it really wear? Who did Omega make this watch for? Where does it stand in the marketplace for maximum-depth dive high quality replica watches? To answer these questions, I went hands-on at a recent unveiling of Omega’s 2022 novelties in Miami, spending time with both the titanium and the steel Ultra Deeps. Let’s start with the titanium version.

The Ultra Deep Titanium

The Ultra Deep Titanium is the halo dive watch for the collection, a commercial representation of the original concept model that Omega strapped to Victor Vescovo’s submarine Limiting Factor in 2019 for a record-setting dive to 10,925 meters. That model measured a truly colossal 55 x 28mm.

For these production Ultra Deeps, Omega set a goal of 6,000M. This allowed designers to shrink the cheap copy watches down to a more realistic 45.5 x 18.12mm. With a lug to lug length of 56mm, the Ultra Deep Titanium is still no small watch, and given that its “Manta Lugs” require NATO-style straps, the watch sits a little higher on your wrist than even the thickness would suggest. Then again, if you’re in the market for a 6,000M dive watch, not only do you probably not care – you also don’t exactly have much in the way of other options.

The Ultra Deep’s asymmetrical case is made of sandblasted grade 5 titanium and the same material is also used for the closed two-piece caseback, crown, and unidirectional bezel. The bezel insert is brushed black ceramic with a luminous pip (common to Omega’s divers but also required for the Ultra Deeps ISO 6425 compliance). Also seen on the steel versions, the Ultra Deep Titanium uses a very high-quality Edge-Defined Film-Fed Growth (EFG) sapphire crystal.

EFG is a special process that ensures a crystal that has none of the imperfections that would cause it to shatter under the sorts of pressure that the Ultra Deep was designed to withstand. The crystal has AR coating on both sides and also uses a unique shape to further aid in pressure resistance and in ensuring that the Ultra Deep can be used in saturation diving without the need for a helium escape valve.

In-person, the Ultra Deep Titanium is even better looking than I expected. Despite its grey-on-grey tonality, the brushed bezel finish really looks incredible over the sandblasted case and the matte titanium dial. As with the case and bezel, the dial makes the most of the applied markers, the wonderful brushed finishing on the hands, the rich blue accents, and the lack of a date display. If you have the wrist for it, the Ultra Deep Titanium is a great-looking dive Swiss movements replica watches.

From the bezel to the included NATO, all of the touchpoints have a feel befitting a watch at this price point (~$12,000). The bezel is lighter than I expected but with a positive and clicky action that ensures precision. The NATO is made from 100% recycled material (largely fishing nets) and the strap’s hardware is also grade 5 titanium.

On the wrist, the only surprise is how the titanium communicates lightness while your eyes take in the full bulk of the Ultra Deep (which only weighs 123 g). With a T-shirt (or with your sleeve out of the way) I found the Ultra Deep to be too large for my 7-inch wrist, but not at all uncomfortable. Yes, it sits high, but the Manta Lugs keep the case from feeling unbalanced or wobbly. Another nice touch – again, if you have the wrist for it – is how the case flanks scallop in toward the caseback. This helps the Ultra Deep avoid feeling slab-sided, or as though it would inhibit a full range of motion on your wrist (something to consider when trying on larger best fake watches).

In the right setting – miles away from any door jambs or fitted cuffs – I could absolutely wear this watch and, though it may take some recalibrating I believe I could get used to the size, as 45.5mm is very big but not insanely so.

The Ultra Deep O-Megasteel

Moving on to the other Ultra Deeps, we find three colorways of a watch that’s similar to the titanium but not the same. The asymmetrical case has been swapped for something closer to others found in the Planet Ocean range, with crown guards and traditional lugs. Width and thickness are the same, but the O-megasteel models are somewhat shorter lug to lug, measuring 51.95mm.

As I covered in the original story about these top replica watches, the steel versions do not use traditional 316L steel, but rather a new and proprietary steel alloy that Omega calls O-megasteel. Unlike titanium, normal watch steels cannot handle the pressure of 6,000M so Omega developed a specialized steel that is considerably harder and yet more elastic than the common options. The result is a material that can take the pressure, fight off a scratch better than 316L, and carries a whiter and shinier coloring that looks a bit more like white gold than it does conventional steel.

The three colorways span a blue-to-black dial with a polished black ceramic bezel insert, a grey-to-black dial with orange accents and an orange bezel insert, and a white dial with blue accents and a blue bezel. Of the three, I much prefer the white/blue version, especially given how similar the blue gradient dial is to that of a Rolex Deepsea.

Where the titanium Ultra Deep has this wonderful interplay of matte and semi-matte surfaces, the O-megasteel versions are much shinier. The bezels are polished, the cases have brushed and polished elements with a large polished bevel on the case side, and if you opt for the bracelet it has polished accents as well. Where the titanium felt toolish and closely tied to the original concept, the steel versions are more in the vibe of a conventional luxury dive Omega super clone watches for sale.

You can pick between a bold and colorful rubber strap or a full O-megasteel bracelet. The models played with were unsized, so I can’t really comment on how the bracelet would feel when sized, but the general execution is that of any of the Planet Ocean bracelets. Nicely made, pretty chunky, and a good match for a larger dive watch. While certainly the heaviest way to option the Ultra Deep, it is nice to see that Omega replica watches wholesale online has included a push-button extension on the inside of the bracelet’s fold-over clasp.

The rubber straps are nicely molded for comfort and suit the watch nicely, but I find the band of coloring to be a bit too much for my taste – a Planet Ocean-style rubber in black or blue would make for an excellent third option down the road. That said, Omega did a nice job with this design as the strap manages the Ultra Deep’s weight without needing to be too tight on your wrist. For those looking to shave a few grams, there is a delta of almost 100g between the two mounts, with the rubber tipping the scales at 170g and the full steel pairing coming in at 256.5 g.

The full O-Megasteel options are an almost literal flex, but I found myself quickly preferring the matte bulkiness of the titanium over the hulked-up Planet Ocean vibes of the steel.

All Together Now

All versions of the Ultra Deep use the same movement that was in the original concept model, 1:1 Swiss Omega fake watches’ Co-Axial Master Chronometer caliber 8912. An automatic movement with no-date, the 8912 ticks at 3.5 Hz, has a power reserve of 60 hours, and benefits from all of the tech we’ve come to expect from a top-spec Omega, including 15,000 gauss anti-magnetism, an Si14 balance spring, two series-mounted barrels, and the ever-handy jump-set hour hand (I love this feature).

Pricing starts at $11,200 on a rubber strap, $11,600 for the bracelet, or $12,300 for the Ultra Deep Titanium. With a Rolex Deepsea currently listed at $13,850, I think the Ultra Deep line is priced into the right spot in the market, though if you’re really in it to get the deepest diving watch, the Deepsea doesn’t come close to challenging 6,000 meters. If I was in this market, I’d spend the extra cash on the titanium.

In a more broad consideration of 2022 replica watches that I think could share similar audiences (though nothing similar in terms of raw capability or price) fans of big dive watches likely already know a handful of the standouts at any price. At the more accessible end, one might consider the Victorinox INOX Pro Diver in titanium ($850, good to 200M), or the 1000M-capable Sinn U1 ($2510, ). Breitling has several large dive fake watches paypal, including the 48mm Superocean Automatic 48 ($5400, with 300M water resistance) or the 3000 meter-capable Avenger 45 Seawolf ($4150). Panerai is in the mix too (though they don’t really move the needle in terms of water resistance) with the 47mm steel Submersible ($9200, 300M) or the more tech-forward 47mm Submersible Carbotech ($19,400, also 300M). And let’s not forget Seiko with the 1000M and 8L35-equipped SBDX038 Tuna (around $3300).

The point is, there are big burly fun-loving dive replica watches for men at just about every price. While the Ultra Deep’s record-setting depth is not exactly a practical feature, it does present a considerable draw in the world of dive watch enthusiasts. From now on, if you want to go really deep, you’re diving right past the Deepsea and continuing for another 2,100 meters until you find the Ultra Deep pinging on your sonar. As an impressive technical showcase for a multi-talented brand like Omega, the Ultra Deep blows everything else out of the water.

How This Pre-Owned US Luxury Fake Watches Company Keeps Ticking Online

In the world of premium best replica watches, pre-owned is the new black. While Bain & Co estimated that the global pre-owned watch market is worth $17 billion, Kepler Cheuvreux analyst Jon Cox told Reuters in May 2021 that its value runs closer to $20 billion. According to Eugene Tutunikov, CEO of Atlanta-based, however, “Because there are no exact figures for all global sales of pre-owned 1:1 Swiss fake watches, it’s hard to determine which figure is closer to the truth.” Here’s what the 38-year-old CEO can say with complete confidence. “The market opportunity in pre-owned Swiss made replica watches is massive,” he begins, “although extremely fragmented. When you have a market this size in which the top five players combined comprise well under 10% of the total market, that leaves a lot of opportunity for growth, and we are doing our best to grow.”

Although 2020’s Covid-19 pandemic threw the business for a momentary loop in April of that year, Tutunikov reports that sales bounced back with a bang that summer. “While everyone was in lockdown, and those with disposable income were unable to spend on restaurants or travel, our sales grew really quickly. We finished 2020 up 40% from 2019. Although we couldn’t accept local customers,” he recalls, “our business never closed, as the state of Georgia classified E-Commerce businesses as essential.” During lockdown, many customers enjoyed FaceTime virtual appointments. “Seeing live video of AAA US fake watches helps customers compare and make more highly informed decisions,” Tutunikov relates. “They also get to meet people on our team and take a brief tour of our facilities.”

Although Tutunikov was targeting 25% growth for 2021 sales, the company has already exceeded that goal. “Between January 1 and August 1 of this year, our sales grew by about 54 percent,” he says. “There have been a few months this year when we’ve sold more high quality replica watches than we can replace,” he reports, with the dazed and disbelieving tones of someone who’s just won the lottery. “With that said,” he continues, “I expect to go north of $100 million per year in the next couple of years. With the execution of some strategic plans, I believe we will be north of $150 million per year in 2026. What I am most proud of,” he says, “is that we are making thousands of customers around the world very happy, and many of them are repeat customers.”

Since its 2009 founding by Tutunikov’s mother Victoria and stepfather Jake Rokhlin,’s growth has been nothing short of epic. In fact, it’s the only global player in the luxury pre-owned watch market that runs without capital injections from private equity firms, or venture capitalists. (To place their family-owned business in perspective, SwissWatchExpo’s inventory numbered 2,500 pre-owned cheap fake watches on the day that this writer checked. In comparison,, which is owned by the global luxury holding company Richemont, offered 1,953 pre-owned replica watches with Swiss movements on its website.) Like Watchfinder, SwissWatchExpo offers financing for those who may be unable to purchase a luxury watch upfront. “There are significantly more customers financing $3,000 AAA fake watches than $20,000 watches,” Tutunikov reports. “Whether someone is buying a watch to celebrate a promotion, to commemorate a retirement, wedding, graduation, or a first bonus, if we can ensure they end up with a watch that they love, we play a role in that event’s memory staying alive and celebrated through the years. This is certainly meaningful and something to be proud of.”

When Victoria and Jake Rokhlin started out, their SwissWatchExpo storefront and website offered 60 replica watches for sale, plus jewelry. Today, Tutunikov reports, “Our inventory typically numbers from 2400 to 3000 fake watches for men and women at any given time, and we stopped selling jewelry after I came on board as CEO in 2016. Of course,” he adds, “our turnover of inventory has also increased substantially since the early days.” (SwissWatchExpo typically sells 20 to 30 replica watches wholesale online per day. In advance of the winter holiday season, it’s not uncommon for the team to sell 50 imitation watches store a day.) While Victoria Rokhlin oversees the operations and sales teams day to day, her husband Jake Rokhlin is a master watchmaker with an entrepreneurial streak. Having authenticated, serviced, and repaired luxury replica watches since the mid 1990s in Atlanta, Rokhlin was trained by Rolex and even ran a Rolex service center there. “In his spare time,” Tutunikov says, “Jake started selling best quality super clone watches that he sourced and repaired locally, and also on Ebay. We believe we offer the most 1:1 luxury replica watches in a showroom anywhere in the USA,” Tutunikov says. “98% of the Swiss online copy watches on our website are also on our premises, so the site is a mirror image of our inventory and what is in the show cases.” The SwissWatchExpo showroom functions as a distribution center for its E-Commerce business, so browsing the website is like stepping into the showroom and checking out the showcases.

Located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, the free-standing SwissWatchExpo building spans two floors and 7,000 square feet. While the showroom’s elegant and hip industrial design ticks with thousands of premium timepieces in pristine showcases, subtle lighting and sleek furniture impart a gracious, clubby, low-key vibe. “The showroom concept was created by a local designer with input from my mother, who has a creative eye for interiors,” Tutunikov explains. The sales and operations team sit at a monumental desk that bisects the showroom. As Tutunikov notes, “This encourages camaraderie and a faster flow of information. Having spent many years on a trading desk in New York, I wanted to create a similar atmosphere, one where everyone works together and can act fast to get things accomplished. In our building,” he adds, “We also have a watchmaking atelier, operations rooms, photography studios where four full-time photographers work shooting for the website, my office and other rooms.”

Intriguingly, is one of the few companies in the pre-owned watch industry that neither pays its sales team commissions or negotiates prices with clients. (Members of the sales team do receive an annual bonus.) As Tutunikov tells it, “Because our sales team isn’t paid on commission, their incentive is to ensure you will come away with the watch that is right for you. We will never try to upsell you and we ship your watch on the same day you place your order.” As for the other key ingredients in SwissWatchExpo’s secret sauce, Tutunikov offers, “First, we sell top Swiss made replica watches at the lowest price we will accept. We want customers to have a pleasant experience, so we put our best foot forward with the way we price.”

In other words, clients who comparison shop soon realize that they will never get a better deal just by waiting, or by trying to negotiate. Second, “We sell the highest quality fake watches within the preowned market, and we do all the work in-house, which includes authenticating, refinishing, servicing, sales, marketing, and operations. We cherry pick our inventory,” he continues, “in order to offer our clients only the best. We are also completely omni-channel as a company, so no one in the company is dedicated to local sales vs online sales.”

Third, SwissWatchExpo embodies a workforce of 24 highly dedicated people. These include sales staff, operations people, master watchmakers, photographers, website and tech support, shipping, and so on. “It really is a group effort here and everyone at SwissWatchExpo wears many hats,” Tutunikov says. “We have a gifted and outstanding team.” Fourth, “By owning all our inventory, we can micromanage the quality and intrinsic value of the timepiece the customer receives,” he explains. “This element is key to succeeding in the preowned watch industry. At the end of the day, we want clients to know that their timepiece will be as close in form and function to a new watch as we can possibly get it.” Fifth, The company never puts profits or sales ahead of its clients. “Because we always deliver great product to clients, our business continues to grow,” Tutunikov says.

Having graduated magna cum laude from the NYU Stern School of Business in 2006, Tutunikov had a double major in Finance and Economics and a minor in Math. After working on Wall Street as a fixed income derivatives trader for several years, and then as a hedge fund executive, Tutunikov became the third partner in SwissWatch The company’s trajectory is all the more impressive when one considers how all three immigrated to the United States as refugees, from what is now known as Ukraine, in the former Soviet Union.

Tutunikov was five and a half years old when he and his family settled in Philadelphia with $2,000 and zero English. As both of his biological parents were math teachers in their home country, they became computer programmers in the USA. “My mom always had an entrepreneurial spirit and lots of energy,” Tutunikov relates. “Along with her full time programming job, she also successfully sold wallpaper and had a university prep tutoring business. I am sure my entrepreneurial spirit comes from her and believe that our immigrant background drives our work ethic. My stepfather was in the same immigration wave as us,” he says. “We left a communist regime to have more opportunities in the USA, so we continue to work hard to maximize those opportunities. Funnily enough,” he recalls, “I remember reading Forbes when I was in middle school and dreaming of being featured in it one day.”

Now that he has fulfilled that dream, along with many others for the family business, Tutunikov, who wears either a Rolex Sky Dweller with a black dial or a Patek Phillipe 18-karat rose gold annual calendar, is focused on hiring more watch-obsessed sales staff, watchmakers and others who can co-create the next phase of SwissWatchExpo’s growth. “Our bottlenecks to growth are operational and staffing-related,” he says. “The key right now is to continue to build on our brand, and also build on the foundation to be able to handle higher volumes. I never want to chase sales for the sake of chasing sales. Our mission is to make our customers happy with superb quality pre-owned top quality replica watches and to generate measured, profitable growth.” “In a way, our independence is a benefit, as it taught us how to do things very lean, and keep our expenses low,” Tutunikov reflects. “While some companies hope to one day grow enough to become profitable, we have never had a non-profitable quarter since we began.” While he admits that growing the company without outside help and funds is a challenge, “In the end,” he says, “this makes us much better operators.”